Titanic Theme


Achyut Bharadwaj
January 2020
Piano, Guitar, Kaantaara, Varaaharoopam, Bella Ciao, Zombie, The Cranberries, River Flows in You, The Sound of Silence, Blowin' in the Wind, Bob Dylan, Titanic Theme

Varaaharoopam, from Kaantaara # This is a popular composition from the movie Kaantaara that we played at the GEAR Cubs Concert, 2023. Sampoorna is on the Veena, Achyut on the Piano, Abijit on the Mrudangam, and Hrishita on the Guitar. Bella Ciao # Zombie (The Cranberries) # Blowin’ in the Wind # The Sound of Silence # River Flows in You # Titanic Theme #